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Gripper Systems

for Handling Units of Any Brand

Gripper Systems

We meet the wishes and needs of our clients with our custom-built gripper solutions

  • for Dürrschmidt handling units
  • for handling units of other brands

If you are looking for a indivual gripper solution - please contact us!


By using our modular construction system you can realize a wide range of gripper solutions yourself.

Don't hesitate to use our order form.

You will also find detailed data in our compact catalogue.



Grippers in Different Sizes
Spring Plunger

Spring Plunger

Space Saving Telescope-Style:
Spring Plungers and Vakuum-Telescope-Units in Different Sizes
Modular Gripper System

Modular Gripper System

Build your own Gripper!
Modular Components - Compatible to our Grippers and Spring Plungers

Customized Gripper

Individual Solutions


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