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Gripper Systems

for Handling Units of Any Brand

Gripper Systems

We meet the wishes and needs of our clients with our custom-built gripper solutions

  • for Dürrschmidt handling units
  • for handling units of other brands

If you are looking for a indivual gripper solution - please contact us!


By using our modular construction system you can realize a wide range of gripper solutions yourself.


Don't hesitate to use our order form.

You will also find detailed data in our >compact catalogue.

Spring Plunger

Spring Plunger

Space Saving Telescope-Style:
Spring Plungers and Vakuum-Telescope-Units in Different Sizes
Modular Gripper System

Modular Gripper System

Build your own Gripper!
Modular Components - Compatible to our Grippers and Spring Plungers

Customized Gripper

Individual Solutions


Grippers in Different Sizes


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