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product introduction: vacuum Generator ODS-3

Save air = save money!


When using our vacuum generator for gripping parts, you don't need a venturi nozzle and you are able to save up to 99 per cent air.


Thus the vacuum generator will not only be paying for itself in about three months - you will also save money with every suction process!


Registerted design pending


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NEW: "MINIATURE" CoNVeyor Belts (24 V)

starting at 999,- Euro



The  "smaller brother" of our standard conveyer belt is perfect for the placing of lightweight plastic parts. Kunststoffteilen. With adjustable speed and forward/return motion as an option the FB-RO50 can be used for many projects  The price (starting at 999,- Euro) also is an argument...


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Do you know our Stacking unit?


Our stacking units are extremely versatile:

  • deposit parts in trays (for trays of different sizes)
  • stack trays
  • stack interlayers
  • combined stacking of interlayers / trays
  • fill / stack boxes
  • deposit parts on conveyor belt instead of trays

See for yourself!


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Do you know our modular Gripper System?


With our complex modular gripper system it's easy to build your own grippers.


Please see the info on our gripper systems, our compact catalogue (PDF-Download) and the order form (PDF-Download)!


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