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PRODUCT INTRODUCTION: Multiple Belt Conveyor with Lift Function

You can choose 4 conveyors (2 levels), 6 conveyors (3 levels) or 8 conveyors (4 levels)




















New in October 2023:

Multiple belt conveyor with lift (placed centrally in the middle)


  • Space requirement not higher than for a "normal" conveyor belt
  • Optimal buffer due to placement of the lift in the centerOptimal buffer due to placement of the lift in the center


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PRODUCT INTRODUCTION: Conveyor belt combination - angle design

2-part solution: more flexible than a conventional angled conveyor belt


Our flexible solution for all tasks for which you would normally use an angled conveyor is convincing:


Thanks to the space-saving two-part design, you can place the two belts in different variations.









Do you know our Stacking unit?


Our stacking units are extremely versatile:

  • deposit parts in trays (for trays of different sizes)
  • stack trays
  • stack interlayers
  • combined stacking of interlayers / trays
  • fill / stack boxes
  • deposit parts on conveyor belt instead of trays

See for yourself!


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Do you know our modular Gripper System?


With our complex modular gripper system it's easy to build your own grippers.


Please see the info on our gripper systems, our compact catalogue (PDF-Download) and the order form (PDF-Download)!


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