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Vacuum Generator

Save air = save money!

Vacuum Generator ODS-1

When using our vacuum generator for gripping parts, you don't need a venturi nozzle and you are able to save up to 99 per cent air.


Thus the vacuum generator will not only be paying for itself in about three months - you will also save money with every suction process!


Find here an overview of all compatible components.


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Vacuum Generator ODS-1  
Vakuumerzeuger ODS-1
  • air consumption 0,05 l / production cycle
  • single-action
  • operation pressure 6 bar
  • maximal vacuum 60 %
  • body hard aluminium, black anodized
  • air connection: M5 thread
  • second air connection (M5) for serial connection of vacuum generators
  • weight 330 g

Delivery without suctio cup (picture shows suction cup with a diameter of 40 mm) and without fitting.

Registered design pending  


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Vakuumerzeuger ODS-1 - Anwendungsbeispiel



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